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Research & Activities
Members of the Group:
Wojciech Broniowski
  Wojciech Florkowski
  Marek Gaździcki
  Stanisław Mrowczynski
  Maciej Rybczynski
  Peter Seyboth
  Grzegorz Stefanek
  Zbigniew Wlodarczyk
  Agnieszka Wojtaszek-Szwarc

  Jan Kochanowski
  Institute of Physics
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The High Energy Group at Jan Kochanowski University studies collisions of atomic nuclei accelerated to relativistic energies. The aim of such studies is to explore and understand the properties of matter at extreme temperatures (~1012 degrees) and densities (>10 times nuclear matter density). In particular, we are interested in characterizing the transition from normal hadronic matter to the Quark-Gluon Plasma, a state of matter consisting of deconfined quarks and gluons. We study collisions of heavy nuclei at the highes possible energies. Our interests concentrate on several topics:

  • fluctuations

  • Bose-Einstein correlations

  • particle and energy flow

  • entropy

This research involves collaborative experiments at CERN (WA93/WA98, NA49, ALICE). Members of the group are involved with detector and software development (WA98, ALICE), data taking and analysis (WA98, NA49) and theoretical description of Quark Gluon Plasma.

We are organizers of:

"X Polish Workshop on Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions"
Kielce, December 13-15 2013

"International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD2012)"
Kielce, September 16-21 2012

"Interactive Exhibition - Large Hadron Collider"
Kielce, October 17-25 2009

"NA49 Analysis Meeting 2009"
Kielce, February 23-25 2009

"SHIN(E)ing Physics - V Polish Workshop on Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions"
Kielce, December 6-7 2008

"NA49 Analysis Meeting"
Kielce, January 14-16 2008

Kielce International Workshop
"Future of Nuclear Collisions at High Energies"
Kielce, Poland, October 14-17 2004

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Mail address:
Jan Kochanowski University
Institute of Physics
ul.Swietokrzyska 15
25-406 Kielce, Poland

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